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Just Thinking…

I just purchased a used iPod and I think that with enough time and several mistakes, I’ll be able to tool around that thing easily.  I don’t have a smart phone yet, but I imagine, in time, I’ll be an owner.

You’d think with all our cell phones, video calling programs, social media, etc. etc., that we’d be experts in communicating with each other…

Not so fast.  Go to any restaurant, airport or any public place and what do you see?   Head down and faces buried in a smart phone screen.  While waiting for a table at a restaurant, I spied four young teens sitting next to each other, hypnotized by their phones.  I had to laugh.  Maybe they were texting each other!

So does the fact that we can instantly reach just about anyone in the world mean better communication?  Can a text message (kids send LOTS of them) say what is really from the heart?

Don’t get me wrong, All these communication things are great, I love mine.  But can they replace a good conversation from the heart? 

Here are few challenges for 2014.

  1. Take time to communicate with yourself.   Ask yourself important questions about your personal life and your relationship with others and God.
  2. Take time for others.  Listen to what people say…really listen.  Empathize with others.  Be a true friend.  Be kind to people you don’t (and do) know.
  3. Most importantly,  take time to hear the voice of God by reading His Word.  Spend time talking to Him. He wants you to know Him…so much that He gave His Son so that you could be His, if you trust Him.