Growing Upwards

To Grow Faith "Upward" in the SON!


Hello and Welcome!

Thanks for visiting my blog.  I’m delighted you came.  My hope and prayer is that, in some small way, this little spot on the web will contribute a positive or helpful thought for you today.  Since I’m a pastor, my passion is God’s Word, so there will be short devotional thoughts now and then.  Maybe we  can share a little laugh once in a while, too.   I hope I have enough here to get you thinking (and praying).

I’m privileged to be a pastor, a husband, a dad, a grandfather (“Papa”) and much more.   God has graciously allowed me to serve as a pastor for over 25 years. Thirteen of those have been at the First Baptist Church of Clarkston, Michigan.

“Growing Upwards”  was born out of a  desire to point people to the “Son,”  Jesus Christ.  Just as a tree needs sunshine to “grow upward,” we all need the “Son” to grow “upward” in our walk with God.

Oh, just a few technical things:   In my blog I use the English Standard Version of the Bible published by Crossway Publishers ( and no,  I don’t necessarily endorse all of the references/links that I sight on this blog.

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